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Murmansk Regional Public Assembly

One of the forms of interaction of regional executive power with public unions of the Murmansk region is the Murmansk regional public Assembly. (MRPA)

It was founded in 1995 (simultaneously with the acceptance of Federal law of 19 May of 1995 "About public unions"), by the initiative of the society of the Murmansk region and authorities of the region.

The aim of the Assembly is finding out of the public opinion on different social questions. They are 90 public organisations in the Assembly.

Any public union, registered in the Department of Justice of the RF on the Murmansk region can enter the Assembly.

The working co-ordinating body of the Assembly is a Council, consisting of 7 persons. The Council is elected for the period of 6 months.

Meeting of the Assembly takes place once per month, meetings of the Council are every week. In 2002 took place nine meetings.

The net of public waiting rooms is created in Murmansk and some other towns of the Kola Peninsula. In this waiting rooms people can get information interesting for them.


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