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Economy » Mechanical engineering and metal working

Mechanical engineering and metal working

Mechanical engineering and metal working in the region are mainly presented by repair of vessels of navy, fish catching and marine fleet, production of equipment and repair of technical means of mining, timber, woodworking, fish and food industries.

Among the largest enterprises of the industry PC "Olenegorsk mechanical plant", FSUP SRP "Nerpa", Polyarninsky SRP, Roslyakovsky SPR, SRP "Sevmorplant", PC "Murmansk shipyard - ship repair dock production", FSUP "└tomflot", PC "╠urmasnk ship repair plant of navy", LLC "Sevtechcentre".

In 1970 new productive activity of LLC "Nerpa" on repair preventive survive of nuclear submarines of the Northern Navy started. Today the enterprise is the leading in the fields of ship repairing, modernization and requirement of vessels, ships of different destination.

The important direction of plant activity is utilization of nuclear submarines and the other transport technique.

Industrial capacity of the plant allows building ships and vessels of different destination with trigger weight to 10000 tones from barge and birth to fish catching and cargo vessels and tugs.

For the last year and a half at the ship repair plant "Nerpa" were built 15 long boats, reequipped and modernized 3 fish catching trawlers ("Variant", "Distinkt" and "Yaroslavets"). On projects, developed by plant constructors, were built vessel of small size for coastal catching.


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