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Economy » Stategy of economical development of the Murmansk region

Stategy of economical development of the Murmansk region

Specific of economy of our region, its natural and geographical conditions dictate necessity to have well founded long-term directions and outlooks of development, which let not only to accept balanced solutions, but also to determine mechanism of their realization.

With this aim in 2001 was developed Stategy of economical development of the Murmansk region by 2015 (the main regulations of Stategy of economical development of the Murmansk region by 2015 can be found: gov.murman.ru/strategy/). In Strategy on the base of analysis of social and economical development of the region, long-term plans of development of base branches and enterprises, prognosis of competitive ability of their products at domestic and external markets and taking into account tendencies of development of global and national economy with certain degree of validity the main makroeconomical indicators are forecasted for the period by 2015. Forms and mechanisms of support of priority directions and projects in base spheres of economy were determined.

Prognosis indicators of social and economical development of the region allow enterprises and authorities to consider them as directions, to take actions on their achievement and also overcoming of some negative tendencies.

For the provision of realisation and support of actuality of the Strategy and also for correction and renewal of its main rules, the Commission on the Strategy realisation was formed. There are members of the government of the region, leaders and specialists of authorities of the region, enterprises and organisations of base branches of national economy complex, scientists of Kola scientific centre RAS, deputies of the regional Duma.

Strategy became the connecting link, united power, business and society in solutions of present problems of the region, working out of specific directions of social and economical development and long-term perspective and determination of ways and methods of outlet of the economy to the path of economical growth.

Joint efforts of the Government of the region, leaders and staffs of enterprises on realization of the Strategy gives positive results on increase of efficiency and competitive ability of the economy of the region.

On the 12th of October 2002 for the first time in the history of the region in the zone of the Kola bay, on reid shifting complex, oil transfer was made for its further transportation to foreign port.

On the 21st of February of 2003 in the roads of the Kola bay tanker "Moscow" took aboard millionth ton of oil.

At the suggestion of oil companies "UKOS", "LUKOIL", "TNK" and "Sibneft", the possibility of building of pipeline system on oil transportation in volumes of 60-100 million tons per year from West Siberia to the Kola Peninsula is being worked out. It is conditioned by advantages of the port of the Murmansk region, which are deep waters, non-freezing area of water, free outlet to the ocean, possibility of transportation of oil by super tankers 200-300 thousand tones to European and American markets. During the recent visit of the Chairman of the Government of the RF M.M. Kasyanov to the Murmansk region were discussed questions of development of transport complex of the region, building of oil pipe line West Siberia - Murmansk and speed up of works on exploring and development of hydrocarbon resources of the Barents Sea.


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