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Agricultural complex of the region

It is presented by 57 enterprises and organizations of different forms of property, including 18 farms of cattle breeding direction. There are 11 thousand people in the complex and 7.8 thousand people in agricultural industry.

There are pig breeding complex, 2 battery farms, 2 hothouse plant, 3 farms of deer breeding in the region.

Processing industry is presented by enterprises, produce dairy products, sausage and confectionery products, meat half made products, alcohol free drinks, flour and mixed fodder.

Set of agriservice organizations and 2 scientific department of Rosselkhozacademy function: Murmansk State experimental stations and branch of scientific center VNIIR by the name of N.I. Vavilov "Polar experimental station".

In 2002 at first in the history of agriculture of Zapolyarie productivity of cows consisted 5544 kg, that is the highest result among the regions of the Russian Federation. Such indicator takes place due to the success of cattle breeding cooperative "Polyarnaya Zvezda", GOUSP "Tuloma", agricomplex "Kovdorsky" and OPKH "Rassvet" reached yield of milk more than 7000 kg of milk per cow.

Production produced in the region gets high appreciation at regional and all Russian competitions. Shoes made of deer fur, produced in the workshops of "Tundra" in 2002 were considered as Laureate of the Program "100 best goods" in the nomination "Goods of folk and art trades".

In the program "All Russian mark" production of enterprises PC "Diary plant" (Severomorsk), PC "urmansk meat plant" got the highest award, which is Platinum quality mark.


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