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Evdokimov Yury Alexeevich
Governor of the Murmansk region

Yury Alexeevich Evdokimov was born in 1946 in the family of military man in the town of Klevan' of the Roven region. As his father was a military man, his family had to travel a lot. Yury started his working activity as electrical mechanic. At the same time he was an evening student of faculty of engineering and building institute and got the qualification of engineer mechanic.

After his army service he worked as brigadier, master, deputy of the workshop of a electric locomotive plant, the chief engineer of Zaporozhye Scientific Research Institute in the sphere of building production.

In 1973 he moved to the town of Kovdor of the Murmansk region. He worked as a master, a chief foreman of the building department of "Kovdorstroy" trust. Soon he was appointed the first head of the headquarter of All Union shock Komsomol building of Kovdor mining plant. Then he worked in Kirovsk town committee of C.P.S.U. of the Murmansk region, he headed the industrial and transport department, he was elected as the second secretary of the town committee.

Since 1984 Y.A. Evdokimov had been working as a deputy of building department and then as a secretary of regional committee of C.P.S.U. on issues of social and economical development of the region. He headed the headquarters of the most important buildings of state significance (Kovdor mining plant, hothouse plant in Polyarnye Zory, coastal industrial base of unification "Arcticmorneftegasrazvedka", reconstruction and development of "Severonockel" plant).

High exactingness to himself and to his colleges, persistence in reaching of stated aims with friendly and attentive attitude to people created his high authority in the region and outside it.

Being elected chairman of the regional Union of people's deputies in 1990 he proposed successive implementation of constructive line in to the life in the conditions of political and economical reforms of the transition period. He was one of the founders of the Association of economical interaction of regions of the Northwest regions of Russia. In 1993 Evdokimov began to work in CC "Stock financial corporation "System", he organised its Murmansk brunch and became its general director.

Continuing activity on voluntary bases in the Union of entrepreneurs and industrialists of the Murmansk region as a president and being at the same time the member of Administration of Russian Union of entrepreneurs and industrialists, he assists and supports enterprises of the region. He headed Murmansk regional department of Russian children fund.

In December of 1996 Y.A. Evdokimov was elected as the Head of Administration of the Murmansk region (since December of 1997 he has been the Governor of the Murmansk region).

Under his direct leadership it became possible to reach the increase of industrial production, to establish the Regulations of the Murmansk region, to create Associations of the subjects of the Russian Federation, heading the Northern Fleet of the Red Banner, to organise fund raising activity for the treatment of young citizens of the North within the program "Save a child" and a lot of other things.

By initiative and active participation of Yury Evdokimov the question concerning the Russian presence on the Spitsbergen archipelago. He started the working out of the question concerning the saving of native priorities in Arctic, the process of utilisation of old vessels and other military techniques was initiated and also the problem of radioactive wastes on the territory of the region has been at the stage of solving.

The strengthening international positions of the region had been one of the priority directions for the Governor all this time. It is necessary to mention very active cooperation within the Barents Evdokimov has been the Chairman of Regional Committee of the Barents region for 2 years. He could develop cooperation between the Murmasnk region and neighbouring regions of Scandinavia. That creates auspicious conditions for the attraction of foreign investments to industrial and social spheres of the Kola Zapolyarye.

Active work of Evdokimov as a Governor of the region and good results allowed him to get the mandate of trust on the elections of 2000. He has got about 87,7% voices of voters and was elected for the second term.

Last elections shown that the population of the Murmansk region trust Yury Evdokimov and hope that he continues his activity.

Yury Evdokimov is married and he has got two adult children. He was decorated with the Order of long-term outstanding labour in Zapolyarye, Order of Merit for the Motherland of IV class, Honoured order and a lot of medals and departmental orders. He became a laureate of "Politician of the year" and "Public recognition" premiums.

Yury Evdokimov appreciates professional opinions and tries always to weigh all pros and cons in any questions. He thinks that industrial revival of the region is the base of increase of welfare of the population. He would like to be frank and available, patient and persistent in the question of reached results and kind and in the question of children and indigent people.

He tries to spend his vacation with his family in the house in the Pskov region. He is fond of fishing, football, and forest.

The Governor has an answer to the question about his dreams: "I dream of that the Murmansk region became the prosperous land and our citizens would live happily and in a worthy manner!"


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